The proprietary SeroMark-1 test, combined with the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test increases the test's specificity and sensitivity to more accurately predict the presence of cancer, than PSA test alone. This provides patients with essential feedback to make the right choices. Early detection of prostate cancer is critical for effective treatment, and the SeroMark-1 test empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health.

1 in 7 men will have prostate cancer and
1 in 38
men will die from prostate cancer.

Studies show that
of men with an elevated
PSA do not have cancer.

How is SeroMark-1 test powerful and unique?

Situation: Should I agree or wait for a painful biopsy?

My physician performed a routine Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) to examine my prostate, and wants me to take a biopsy to test for cancer... just to be sure. Can I wait until I am absolutely sure whether or not I really need it?

Yes, you can!!!!!!!! "Our SeroMark-1 test WILL give you that power to decide. IT'S WORTH IT"

  • If SeroMark-1 test result is normal it is unlikely you have prostate cancer and there may be NO need of a painful biopsy.
  • If SeroMark-1 is abnormal (independent of your PSA result), there is a high likelihood you may have cancer, and are strongly encouraged to consult your health-care provider immediately for further evaluation!!
  • The free PSA test result we provide you, in addition to SeroMark-1 test, will help you make a firm decision for alternative evaluations and further steps as necessary.

Ultimately, we value your important decision in maintaining your prostate health!!

Over five years, the cost of prostate cancer treatment could add up to approx. $45,000!

What would you pay to avoid or eliminate unnecessary treatments and the threat of prostate cancer?

SeroMark-1 and PSA test costs only $300 incl. S/H (plus sales tax for GA residents only!!!).